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Where Do Businesses Get the Most ROI from Online Customer Communities?

Where Do Businesses Get the Most ROI from Online Customer Communities?

Creating an effective customer experience is a top priority for many companies right now. Businesses are spending a lot of time and money trying to understand and properly address both the pre-sales and post-purchase opportunities to engage their customers.

5 Things NOT to Do When You Respond to Members in Your Online Community

5 Things to Avoid When Interacting With Members in Your Online Community

So far, you’ve done everything right. You launched an online customer or member community and—even better—your community members have become active and engaged participants. Your company or organization is producing insightful, high-quality content and your discussion boards are thriving.

How to Increase Engagement in Your Private Online Community: Six Things to Share

How to Increase Engagement in Your Private Online Community

Your private online community is only as good as the value it offers members. With as busy as your target audience is, your community has to offer them something of useful and exclusive value to capture their attention, especially among all the other competing forces in their online, work, and personal lives.

Changing Online Community Software Platforms? Work on This One Skill

Switching Online Community Software Platforms Socious graph resized 600

Businesses and membership organizations select an online community software platform when they first launch their community-based on marketing, support, or member benefit strategy. However, one to two years into the initiative, both their strategy and customers’ expectations have evolved. Many organizations find that their strategy does not align with the capabilities of their customer or member community.

Six Strategies for Crowdsourcing Ideas in Your Online Customer Community

How to Crowdsource Ideas in Your Online Customer Community

You work hard to add people, content, and tools to your private social community that provide value to your customers or members and keeps them coming back.

However, that is only one half of an effective social community strategy. The best customer community strategies balance benefits to community members with leveraging the community to the meet business-level goals of the host organization.

Better customer or member engagement is the catalyst behind a variety of strategies at your company or organization. These advantages include increasing advocacy in your market, lowering support costs, and maintaining stronger relationships with customers or members.

How to Uncover Opportunities to Leverage Online Communities at Your Organization

Opportunities to Leverage Online Communities | Online Community Strategy

An increasing number of companies and membership organizations are implementing online community strategies to maintain better relationships with their customers or members. Online customer communities and member communities deliver tangible benefits to organizations—ranging from improving customer retention and satisfaction to lowering support costs and recruiting more customer advocates. 

How to Ace an Online Community Manager Job Interview

Online Community Manager Job Interview

Just as the popularity of private online communities is rapidly growing, so is the need for an effective online community manager. A position that barely registered as a Google search term just a few years ago has now become must-have role for many organizations.

Lessons for Online Community Managers from Ellen’s “Tweet Heard 'Round the World”

Online COmmunity Management Tips and Lessons from Ellen's Oscar Tweet

Many in the media have said that the 2014 Oscars were the most successful in history. More people watched the broadcast; more people enjoyed the show; and more people kept talking about it online and otherwise once the lights went down.

How to Accurately Calculate Your Customer or Member Retention Rate

How to Measure Your Customer or Member Retention Rate?

Where do you spend more of your time — discussing how to get more customers or members — or how to keep the customers or members that you have?

How to Create an Engaging User Group Community Website

Creating a User Group Online Community Website

The first user groups were launched in the 1950s. People using technology, such as IBM’s mainframe systems, came together into loose clubs to support each other, spread best practices, and share ideas. From the dawn of the micro-computing revolution through the proliferation of web-based software, software and technology user groups have grown in importance and numbers.

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