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Come Back! How to Develop the Right Re-engagement Strategies for Your Online Community

Online Community Management: Re-Engaging Inactive Community Members

Inactive community members will inevitably make up a large percentage of your total audience size. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal in most online communities, especially as your community ages.

Why Marketing Your Online Community is Critical to Its Success

Why a Marketing Plan for Your Online Community Is Important

When it comes down to it, a private online community is a service offering. As such, you need to get people to drink the proverbial Kool-Aid. Your target audience is just as busy as you are. Your community members are constantly being bombarded with demands on their time and attention.

How to Improve Customer Lifetime Value Using Your Online Customer Community Platform

How to Improve CUstomer Lifetime Value Using Online Community Software

Most companies invest big bucks to build their customer base. Unfortunately, while spending large amounts to acquire new customers, many organizations often make the mistake of paying less attention to the customers they already have.

Why Online Customer Communities Need a Purpose Bigger Than Building Community

Online Customer Community Strategy

A few years ago, I penned what I believe is still one of the most concise and clear definitions of social business:

The First Five Places to Look to Increase Online Community Engagement

How to Increase Engagement in Your Online Community

By now, you’re well aware how important ongoing engagement is to the success of your online customer or member community. Without active conversations in your discussion forums or dedicated readers for your content, your entire online community management strategy falls flat.

Steal This Simple Way to Cement Your Online Community’s Success Before You Launch It

Online Community Management Success Planing Tips

Launching a private online community for customers, members, employees, or partners is a big undertaking and you want to make sure all your hard work pays off. However, in the excitement of the planning and launch process, it’s not uncommon for companies to get ahead of themselves and neglect crucial details. When you’re just starting out and everything is new, it’s easy to laugh off the question of, “What could possibly go wrong?”

Online Community Management: How to Get People to Participate [Quick Tip]

Online Community Management | Getting Community Members to Participate

During my first year in online community management, I created a survey for a council of more than 1,000 members. The questions aimed to create an in-depth understanding of activity-related behavior patterns and general community utilization habits. I spent weeks on this survey, ensuring I had the perfect questions that would enable me to analyze every deterrent, motivation and decision-making factor of their interactions in the online community.

7 Reasons That an Online Community Site is the Ultimate SEO Hack

An Online Community Site May Be the Ultimate SEO Trick

This post was contributed by Tom Schwab of Inbound for eCommerce.

Too often it seems like every new SEO trick becomes the thing that Google punishes on the next algorithm update. While you can argue on the existence of negative SEO, there is no debate that having more user generated content on your site is good for SEO.

After talking with the community managers at companies like King Arthur Flour and Sephora at the IRCE conference earlier this year, we beta tested our own online community site for our direct-to-patient, B2C ecommerce site. The engagement results were promising, but what really spurred us on was the analytics we saw. We knew the search engines saw them too and would reward us.

It's Not All About You: Is Company-Centric Communication Hurting Your Online Community Engagement?

How to Communicate with Online Community Members to Improve Engagement

There is a way to communicate smarter and it’s quite simple - take your company out of the conversation.

It remains a common practice for companies to use traditional marketing tactics that inundate people with messages of product superiority and boastful “us v. them” claims. But customers generally don’t care about what they can do for an organization, they care about what an organization can do for them.

According to a Nielsen Global Survey, up to 77% of people are influenced by word of mouth from close personal connections when making a purchasing decision, compared to 34% who are influenced by the ever-present promotional email.

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction By Getting More Customers to Trust You

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction By Building More Trust

It’s no secret that Socious runs many of its marketing programs and blog on the HubSpot platform. We use their marketing and sales tools extensively and I’ve personally been using their platform for over four years. That’s why I was especially excited about some of the new features announced at HubSpot’s Inbound conference in September.

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