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The 7 Ways to Source Members for Your Organization’s Online Community

How to Source Members for Your Online Community

Over time, members will leave your online community. Though you might be a throwing down some serious online community strategy, abandonment is simply unavoidable. People simply lose the need that your community fulfilled by changing jobs, losing interests, retiring or other inevitable life events.

Everything You Need to Know About Careers in Community Management [Infographic]

Starting and Planning a Career in Online Community Management

If you’ve recently started to consider a career change to community management, chances are you’ve come up with more questions than answers.

Due to the relatively new need for community management positions, the various roles and responsibilities have gone largely undefined. However, if you have plans to embark on a career in this rapidly growing field, there are certain factors and details you’ll need to know to make your plans.

Luckily, our friends at The Community Roundtable conducted an in-depth survey on the “role, compensation and career path of the community professional” to help answer some of the biggest questions surrounding community management careers. Some of their preliminary results have been released in an infographic you can download here

How to Handle Conflict and Controversy in Online Communities


In offline communities, conflict and controversy create socially polarized environments. Negativity monopolizes these interactions because in our own personal lives, they are the very interactions in which we aim to absolve ourselves.

5 Proven Private Online Community Strategies for Associations

Private Online Community Strategies for Associations

Associations and other nonprofit membership organizations are already natural communities. This makes building a community online a common sense decision for most association executives.

However, there is more than one way to leverage a private online community. Since every association’s mission, priorities, and capacity are different, their abilities to capture the opportunities that building communities presents are also unique.

How associations leverage their online communities depend on the overall purpose of their community, which are based on the organization’s overall goals. This may include:

3 Easy Ways to Create Content for Your Online Community

How to Create Content for Your Online Community

Let’s face it, sometimes brainstorming new content for your online community can feel like an absolute chore. Over time, not only is it easy to run dry on new, genius-invoking ideas, but finding the required time each day to produce both thoughtful and thought-provoking material – in mass – can start to feel like your boss handed you a Sharpie and asked you to recreate the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in their office. Impossible.

Why Creating an Online Customer Community is the Ultimate Post-Sale Inbound Strategy

Creating an Online Customer Community is the Ultimate Post-Sale Inbound Strategy

At this point, you’re probably tired of hearing about inbound strategies. However, there’s a reason inbound marketing, sales, and customer communication has changed the way people do business. There’s a reason they’re so popular.

Four Essentials for Creating a Successful Online Community

Essentials for Creating an Online Community

Private online communities are not a universal business solution. According to Gartner, at least 70% of all online communities fail.

Lack of planning, poor business integration, unattainable market share, unaligned organizational motives and unrealistic expectations are all factors that impact community viability. However, you can avoid being a statistic by ensuring your online community has a foundation for success before making a costly investment.

Here are four prerequisites every organization should consider first:

Creating a Customer Community: 5 Questions That Scare the Heck Out of People

Creating an Online Customer Community Doesn't Have to Be Scary

In most cases, when businesses start down the path toward creating an online customer community, they’re doing it for the first time. Compared to other business strategies, relatively few people have developed online community strategies, managed a community, or actively tried to increase engagement in a community.

How to Improve Customer Retention By Increasing the Value Customers Get From Your Products

How to Use Your Online Customer Community to Improve Customer Retention By Increasing the Value Customers Get From Your Products

A lot of factors go into keeping your customers. Especially in the case of B2B companies, customer retention can be a complex challenge. However, despite its intricacies, reducing your retention rates can have a significant effect on your profits.

Growing an Online Community: A Case Study on Social Density and Ongoing Analysis

Growing an Online Community: A Case Study of Social Denisity and Anlysis

A bulk of my personal experience as a full-time online community manager was spent developing sizable communities of practice. It offered a great vantage point, because the years of quantitative and qualitative data available allowed me to uncover patterns of audience behaviors and interests, as well as corresponding community development processes, over time. 

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