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How to Generate Compelling Content Ideas for Your Online Customer or Member Community [Infographic]

How to Find Great Content Ideas for Your Online Customer Community resized 600

When your private online customer or member community is in its early stages, you have to rely heavily on content as the driving force that brings people in. Your online community is not just competing against other communities and social spaces, but other priorities as well.

How to Use Data from Your Private Online Community to Make Better Decisions

Using Big Data from Your Association Private Online Community

Running a private online community for your association comes with its fair share of decisions—from the daily steering of the community to quarterly strategic adjustment. In fact, managing your association's online member community is often viewed as a microcosm of overall association management. As an association executive, it’s your job to make the choices that will keep your association members engaged and looking to your community as a valuable resource.

However, without the right information driving those decisions, the choices that come with managing an association (or an online member community) can seem overwhelming.

That’s why you need a little bit of the “good stuff”—and why we’re happy to share this new whitepaper from our friends, Peter Houstler, CEO of Mariner Management and Marketing, and Elizabeth Weaver Engel, CEO of Spark Consulting.

Why People Contribute in Private Online Communities [Engagement Tips]

Why People Contribute in Private Online Communities [Engagement Tips]

People have lots of outlets and opportunities to “talk” online. There’s no shortage of large social networks out there to soak up their attention. Yet, despite having so many options, people still participate heavily in private online customer or member communities.

Don’t Let Bad Email Subject Lines Hurt Online Community Engagement

Increase Online Community Engagement With Great Email Subject Lines

If your branded online community is like most others out there, the majority of your members probably don’t check it every day. Unlike their public social network accounts that they check multiple times a day, your branded online customer or member community is more likely to be a place they visit with intention. They sign in to ask a question in the discussion forum, read a new blog post from your CEO, check out a new how-to video, or follow up on an offer. That’s where the importance of email comes in.

How to Increase Engagement By Featuring Members in Your Private Online Community

Increase Online Community Engagement by Featuring Real Customer or Members

There are a host of reasons why members join private online communities. They’re likely looking to capitalize on a specific value proposition that your community has to offer—unique content, access to resources, networking ability, etc.

How to Increase Customer Engagement in Your Online Community: 6 Lessons from the World Cup

Increase Customer Engagement in Your Online Community

It’s hard not to get caught up in an international event like the World Cup. There’s an innate sense of camaraderie that seems inevitable when, suddenly, we all have an entire country to root for. No longer are our sports allegiances divided by state, region, or high school. Events like the World Cup put us all on the same team.

The Ultimate Guide to Public Social Networks vs. Private Online Communities

Public Social Networks vs. Private Online Community Software

Social networks, social business, social media, social strategy, and social communities. After a while these terms become blended within an organization, especially for those people who don’t focus on these tools and strategies every day.

The Evolution of Customer Engagement: Where is Your Business?

The Evolution of Customer Engagement

The information age has changed a lot about the way we do things. Companies are marketing products differently, consumers are shopping for those solutions differently, and customer engagement has become more important than ever.

Growing an Online Community: 8 Ways to Super-Charge Engagement

How to Increase Engagement in My Online Community

Building community online can have a big impact on your ability to maintain strong relationships with customers or members. Your organization can then leverage those relationships to achieve a variety of business outcomes – ranging from increasing customer retention and developing customer advocates to creating more innovative products and increasing revenue.

How to Build Customer Loyalty By Giving Insight into Your Organization

How to Build Customer Loyalty By Giving Insight into Your Organization

As with any good partnership, your relationship with your customers is a two-way street. Not only do you need to understand your customers’ needs and goals, but your customers need to have an understanding of your company and how it works.

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