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8 Questions in Customers’ Heads That Impact Customer Retention

Customer Retention Questions in Your Customers' Head

By now, you know how importantcustomer retention can be to the future of your business. You know that acquiring new customers costs five times as much as retaining the customers you currently have. You’ve probably seen research suggesting that improving your customer churn by just 5% can produce a profit increase anywhere from 25-125%. Do you also know that 80% of your future revenue is likely to come from just 20% of your current customers?

Why Are Phone Skills Important for Online Community Managers? [Quick Tip]

Online Community Management Phone Skills

When people think about online community managers, they often envision a social media ninja who can manage their world with a laptop and a smartphone. 

Lessons from Years of Creating and Managing Online Communities [Interview]

Meet Online Community Consultant, Katie Bapple

Socious recently launched a new professional services group to help businesses and nonprofit membership organizations increase engagement and the return on investment of their online communities.

26 Examples of Online Customer Communities

50 Reasons Why REAL Companies Created Online Customer Communities

We wish all of our ideas were original. The truth is they are not, nor do they have to be. A big source of great business strategies comes from analyzing what other companies have already done. This is especially true when you implement emerging technologies, like online customer communities and other social crm platforms.

10 Elements of a Winning Member Engagement Strategy

Creating a Member Engagement Strategy

If you’re involved in community management, you’ve likely heard of the 90-9-1 principle. The numbers represent speculated percentages of engagement in online communities—with 90% of participants only viewing content, 9% responding to content, and 1% actively participating in the creation of new content. 

Hiring an Online Community Manager? 5 Signs You Found a Good One

How to Hire an Online Community Manager

Hiring an online community manager is one of the most difficult positions for organizations to fill. Since community-based customer relationship strategies are new to many companies, there is often no template for an effective community manager’s skills, experience, and personality traits.

How to Increase Online Community Engagement with Better Calls-to-Action

How to Increase Online Community Engagement with Better Calls-to-Action

The foundation of your online customer community is value. It is the value of the information, discussions, and connections that turn an initial visit to the community into a habit. It is things that are important to your community members and worth their time that motivates them to visit, click, and contribute.

How to Successfully Upgrade from a Listserv to an Online Community

How to Successfully Upgrade from an Email Listserv to an Online Community Platform

There was a time when email listservs were the new kid on the block.

Short for “mailing list server,” your listserv has probably served your association or membership organization well over the last decade or two. You’ve been able to easily send out automated emails to segmented lists and your members have enjoyed reply-all options that allow them to easily communicate with the group.

During their heyday, listservs made a huge difference in member interaction and association communication. However, they’re now competing with new options that have additional opportunities for member engagement and membership value.

Can Online Community Insights Lead to Better Marketing Strategies?

Can Online Customer Community Insights Lead to Better Marketing Strategies?

You often hear about how to leverage data from your private online customer or member community to inform decisions about product strategy, customer retention, or which customers are your biggest advocates.

However, you don’t hear as much about how to use the behavioral information in your online community to create more effective marketing strategies.

Our friend Amanda Kaiser, an expert in leveraging customer insights in both the business and nonprofit arenas, has kindly provided some tips for how to use social data and trends in your marketing plan.

How to Generate Compelling Content Ideas for Your Online Customer or Member Community [Infographic]

How to Find Great Content Ideas for Your Online Customer Community resized 600

When your private online customer or member community is in its early stages, you have to rely heavily on content as the driving force that brings people in. Your online community is not just competing against other communities and social spaces, but other priorities as well.

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